What do liberals do when they finally accept that they cannot win an argument?

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  1. They put you on ignore, hide in a corner and cry for mommy.
  2. They call you a racist or a fascist, whatever comes to mind first..
  3. Argument against what?

    Parroting "liberty, cut taxes, smaller government" and other nonsense?

    An average republican goes around parroting ideas put into his/her head by Wall St Journal/Fox/Rush Limbaugh. He or she thinks that by cutting taxes deeply(for the rich) you make an economy explode with activity and force the government to be smaller. In reality, deficits explode and the middle class shrinks.

    One of the things I could never understand even as a child is how is it possible to have small government with a big military? Reagan sure showed them how to cut government!
  4. Calling someone fascist is easy, just check the trademarks/characteristics and you can easily tell if someone holds fascist ideas. Racist .. well, believing there are racial differences where one is superior to others - then one is a racist.

    There are no "races" per DNA, but rather regions and ethnic heritance etc. No "racial superiority" in the mix - nature is very varied and most of the DNA is dormant.

    Many are supremacists - or think that they are (ethnically) "exceptional" etc... they are borderline racists in my view.
  5. Something I could never understand even as a child was why some people wanted a small military. Was it because they had small penis's? Did they equate their small penis with what the size of the military should be?
  6. This highlights all the confusion Democrats have about true Conservatism /Libertarian / Ron Paulism.

    It is their view that the federal Government has very limited roles, the major one being the protection and safety of the citizens...ie..national security
    "Government exists to protect the rights of every individual including life, liberty and property."

    The true state of freedom is a large strong military.

    Protecting the people is the primary purpose of Government.
    This is why Bush has been a successful president.
  7. They stop trying to reason with retards and win elections.
  8. newtoet


    What argument are you referencing? A week ago today, we won a pretty big one.

    As a general rule though it is hard to argue with someone who refuses to accept reality, defies logic, lies, cheats and steals.

    But from a strictly scoreboard perspective, take a look at last week's results.
  9. Conservatives that I know are certain of their position and are unwilling to even listen.

    For example, one group of people I know was and still is convinced that Obama is a Muslim even after McCain said otherwise.

    So you are correct, there is no arguing.

  10. has a liberal ever lost an argument:confused:
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