What do I do with 50 grand!!

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by cajoku, Jul 29, 2007.

  1. TOM134



    Stick with the investment strategy which made you the money in the first place.

    But, you look at 'trading' and see excitement.

    You want 'excitement'?

    Go take a ride on a roller coaster. At least your 'thrills' won't cost you your life's savings.

    I hope this helps.

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  2. j1900q


    I know where you can get 5.75 on a 5 yr cd. Thats 5.88 apy. Not too shaby.
    trade well
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  3. otb


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  4. you can buy on max margins and hold for a few yrs USA quality stocks that have been beaten up badly like citi and a few good ADR chinese companies like cnocc. in the meanwhile if you want to become a daytrader, you could papertrade etfs and start trading them with just 1 lot only after you spent at least 600 hours or the equivalent of a full month of screen time. then, if all goes well and you are making progress, graduate to futures.
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  5. ignore this cocksucker as he's trying to dupe you.
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  6. Daal


    buy WMT, BUD and index commodity fund. ride for the next 10 years, cash in and spend it.
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  7. speres


    Day trading eh, you got a trading plan? entry and exit rules?
    you got all angles covered? does your plan actually make money?
    Will you stick to the rules?

    If you can't answer yes to all these questions forget it.
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  8. Yeah, I was gonna mention that, but I figured I'd just let'em find out for himself.

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    I know what you mean JimmyJam you probably get sick of saying it.
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  10. Short CL
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