What do dictators want to kill most? Internet now totally dark in Egypt!

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    I thought briefly yesterday of the possibility that the social media can (as well as express it of course) probably manufacture dissent to some degree. They have this patina of perfection right now, but it is in fact people using them, and some people are mobs. I never heard of a flash mob until they came along.

    I'm not saying their (Egyptians') protestations are illegitimate, only staying on the lookout for good old human nature.
  3. This whole thing reeks of CIA involvement. Egypt was not an "oppressed nation" by regional standards. It was actually pretty free as Muslim nations go.

  4. And land and cell lines. It is a total blackout.
  5. Unconfirmed reports of clashes between the Egyptian army and the Egyptian Central Security apparatus.
  6. Mass demonstrations just flared up in Jordan.
  7. - A human chain made out of thousands of youth around the Museum of Antiquities In Egypt to protect it from looting.
    - The Coptic Church instructed its flock to take to the streets in support of their Egyptian brothers.
  8. Internet kill switch ineffective, as long as we have Russian satellites.

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  9. The Egyptian Parliament governor just announced that a very serious declaration would be podcasted in the next little while. Why do I get the sense that Mubarak has escaped already.
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