What do all these guys actually do on the trading floor? How much do they make?

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  1. What do all these guys really do on the trading floor? Are they making bonus and comish through trading UBS's cash? Are they prop trading the ES in and out every two minutes? What is their style of trading and who are they communicating to on the "turrets"?

    Is this really a cool way to work in a big crowd of guys on a crowded floor for hours and hours each day?

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    Not all of them are traders. There are also analysts, middle office,...

    Flip thru this gallery and read the comments and you may get an answer to some of your questions.
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    What they're told.
  4. So true.

    Most of them only place trades for their customers.
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    If you look closely, you'll notice the one guy in the middle is surfing ET.
  6. The 46th guy on the left with the short hair is surfing porn
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    There are a few traders in there who make markets but the majority are salesmen who are taking customer orders, matching up clients to take trades, giving market color, etc. The others are middle office trade and sales support, assistants, etc. The prop guys have to be isolated from the sales & trading side to avoid conflicts of interest.
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    Not at Knight.
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    At the risk of sounding stupid, what does "market color" mean?
  10. I think he was talking about providing market analysis and commentary. Either through written reports or as a talking head a la CNBC.
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