What do all the Federal Reserve members have in common?

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  1. What do all the Federal Reserve members have in common?

    Benjamin S. Bernanke
    Donald L. Kohn
    Kevin M. Warsh
    Randall S. Kroszner
    Frederic S. Mishkin

    FRB of Boston: Eric S. Rosengren
    FRB of New York: Timothy F. Geithner
    FRB of Philadelphia: Charles I. Plosser
    FRB of Richmond: Jeffrey M. Lacker
    FRB of St. Louis: James B. Bullard
    FRB of Minneapolis: Gary H. Stern
    FRB of Kansas City: Thomas M. Hoenig
    FRB of Dallas: Richard W. Fishe
    FRB of San Francisco: Janet L. Yellen
  2. They ALL eat at the government trough!
  3. http://www.ronpaulforums.com/showthread.php?p=1495376

    Go figure a post like this is from Ron Paul forums... (Once again, goldbug nuts living up to their anti-semitic aspirations)

    Is there such thing as a goldbug that doesn't hate anything not white-bred, who doesn't subscribe to usually a protestant sect of Christianity (that is expecting end of times), who doesn't own an arsenal of guns, and who generally isn't a redneck?

    Is this your group you despicable joke AC? (your alias mocks a great composer. please change away from it)

  4. What do you mean white bred…. You racist bigot! Jews are 2% of the American population yet control our financial system. I think that is quite odd. Considering that all major frauds and scams have been perpetrated by Jews, with Madoff the most recent.

  5. White bred = anglo-saxon KKK hood wearing wasp... Up that alley.

    Me a bigot? Fix your language. 'Jews' is somewhat offensive. Fix it to Jewish. The Jewish happen to control the financial system because the WASP authorities like it that way. Outside of Barnie Frank and Emmanuel, I can't name many other members in congress who are Jewish. (I'm sure there are a few more token members here and there of course)

    How many Jewish on the supreme court (Ruth Bader Ginsberg)? How many Jewish presidents have we had?

    If you have a beef with 'Jews', why don't you just say what you don't like about them and see how well your substantiations hold up...? (Asshole)

    I'll be the first one to criticize Israel as overaggressive and as a terrorist-like organization with regards to their policy, but come on, what is to be gained picking apart the Jewish people? There are plenty of frauds in all walks of like. How about Enron? How about Cheney and Bush?

    And what's your point -- if you took away Jews, Canadians, and Blacks, we'd have no decent comedians left.

    Hey mod... move this thread to the garbage pile.
  6. I'm Jewish, and every time someone reacts angrily to a post like this, it feeds the conception that 'we' have something to hide.

    Well, 'we' are Americans, most if not all of whom love the United States of America, despite what some may claim, and I would never object to someone raising a question that squares with the mathematical, statistical or numerical reality of the day.

    If all or most of the members of the Federal Reserve are Jewish-Americans, I say let people discuss it, question why it is, and debate what, if anything, should or can be done about it.

    After that, they can move on to why so many of the students being admitted to certain top-notch California Universities are Asians or Asian-Americans, and what, if anything, should or can be done about that (hint: they actually discussed trying to limit such proportions of admissions from that ethnicity at one time).

    Numbers don't lie, and when people who are part of the 'numbered group' protest the mere discussion of the fact, it only breeds more ignorance, distrust, resentment and other evil things.
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  8. I don't understand why the media never points out that all but three in the Federal Reserve System are Jewish.

    I guarantee you if they were all Italian or Irish the media would be all over it. Now tell me if I am wrong.
  9. The Irish cop or politician?

    Italian builder?

    Greek restaurant owner?

    Native-American steelworker (on skyscrapers without harnesses)?

    Asian engineer or scientist?

    Jewish-Americans gravitate towards professional fields such as investment banking, legal, medicine, media/advertising, economics, etc.

    Some stereotypes ring true.
  10. And who would you rather be, the steelworker or the banker financing the construction?
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