what did your "learning curve" cost in time and money?

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  1. Everyone is comes to trading full time with differing backgrounds. What did it cost you in time and money until you finally got to the point where you are paying your bills with trading profits? Where you went from hobby trader to professional trader.

    1) 6 months $10,000

    2) 12 months $20,000

    3) 18 months $30,000

    4) 2yrs > $50,000
  2. <b>4 years $8k.</b> 3 years were paper-traded.

  3. maxpi


    13 years, mostly part time, ~ $10,000, no mentors at all, well I read ET a lot.... like that helped
  4. 3-4 years for me. max loss was about $2500 when I first started but it was only a $5000 account. slowly made money but consistantly but didn't rly get profitable enuf to consider it a living salary til 3-4yrs later.
  5. 6 years $11,256.38

    All worth it :D
  6. Pauly


    7 Years while working a 40 hour a week job, so maybe 3 1/2 years of actual reading/learning/testing. 15K. Busted out 3 times, 5K each.
  7. AJ21


    I just recently started day trading, im in month 4. So far im down $500. Im aiming for 8 months to start becoming profitable.
  8. Stosh


    Do I have to include today? :) Lost about 20K today. Stosh
  9. 8 months and ~$6000. Never looked back.
  10. TraDaToR


    3 years of investment in french stocks ( slightly negative ) and 2 years of futures active trading to become profitable, never lost my initial 9 K$ in futures account but had rollercoaster 9K t 12 to 6 to 14 to 9... First year as a professional trader in 2008 and it's worth it( about 130 K already made for my first year:) )

    Good luck
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