What did you learn this year?

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  1. Trading is a never ending quest for knowledge.

    What is one of the things you learned this year that made you a better trader?
  2. Volatility Analysis as a confirmation tool to my primary method.

  3. That both my previous method and my previous instrument of choice were completely wrong for me.

    I dumped my old method and changed my instrument, and now life is immediately getting better.
  4. Indexes can only go up
  5. Trish


    Include use of 30/50 and 200 day moving averages.
    Look for higher highs and higher lows.
    Look for lower lows and lower highs.
    Look more at price less on candles.
    Know the latitude of option pricing changes within the stock you are trading. (Of course knowing the company.)
    Target and exit.
    Confidence is having a plan and following my rules.
    Fail fast: Break this: I am in more pain when I have a long losing trade that I think will come back, then I am happy when I make a great profit especially in a short timeframe.
    Trade only a dozen or so stocks I like and get to know them; don't be overwhelmed.

    2007: Build a paper trading account then use real $.
    Build: learning the market, risk management and money management. I win right now but losing more and want to turn this around!

    Experience trading options 1 year so far...
  6. ElCubano


    :D I love this guys spunk..... you should become a motivational speaker...think of all the money you could make from your positive energy...:D
  7. http://www.elitetrader.com/vb/showthread.php?s=&threadid=82098

    ElCubano... keep those Miami chicks warm for me, I could be on my way down in 2 months...
  8. hels02


    I learned to stop playing with HD, it's jinxed and everytime I do, I regret it:p.

    That is, unless it goes up $2 by Tues, then I won't have learned anything at all this year. :p
  9. I learned the art of not trading.
  10. Mvic


    I learned that I am a very lucky SOB.
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