what did you first learn, what are you using now

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  1. What did you first learn: TA or FA or both

    What are you using now?

    I heard quite a lot of people first learned FA and then changed to TA but seldom the reverse.:D
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    My experiences in order.

    1. Mutual Funds....lost a pile of money
    2. Investor's Business Daily....heavy FA...took my life over, so I looked for a simpler method. Mixed results
    3. Guru who picked stocks for me....heavy FA...lost money
    4. Black Box QQQ website......lost a lot of money
    5. Don Miller methods.....only TA....works
    6. My own adaptations of Chimp....only TA....works better
  3. Which black box QQQ web?
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    Started TA and still going.

    FA to me seems like information overdose.

    Make 'em pretty, Chris
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    amazing, I just graduated from #3, looking at #4 http://www.qqqdaytrader.com/ :D
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    "Technical Analysis" [in quotes because it is definetly not FA, but it isn't really TA either] for spoos, FA for equities mixed with TA ...

    Today, I am leaning more and more heavily towards FA...

  8. While studying TA and FA I came up with my own theory based around news/sentiment and have been using and refining it ever since.
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    Then: I learned with a mix of TA and FA using discretionary trading.

    Now: Proprietary systems that use TA only.
  10. In order learned:

    1. Technical Analysis. Basically, Trading for Dummies Level.
    2. Gann. Trading Rules then to his deeper stuff.
    3. System Trading. Entry-Level Programming with EasyLanguage. Backtesting. Consistancy. Statistical Edge.
    4. Money Management. Turtles and beyond.
    5. System Development. Van Tharp Material. Subjective and Objective System Making and Trading. Understanding Back-testing data and it's flaws.
    6. Programming (C/C++/Pascal/C#) Deeper understanding of UML. Coding systems andtrading ideas.
    7. Discretionary Trading. Viewing trading in both Subjective and Objective Perspectives.

    Right now... in order of importance.

    1. Discretionary Trading. It's how I put together my decision between market response and system signal.
    2. System Development. It's how I come up my trading plans.
    3. System Trading. It's for discipline. If I can't follow signals, I can't follow rules and my discretionary trading wouldn't be consistant as it is. Also, it's my backup when I'm out of sync in the market.
    4. Money Management. Protect risk.
    5. Gann. Basis of my market philosophy and perspective. Still, I'm not the market and I let the market tell me whether I've done a good job using Gann. In another words, I'm passive.
    6. Programming. Just an extra skill.
    7. Technical Analysis. It's where it all started.
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