What did Pelosi say to Piss Off the Repubs?

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  1. cstfx


    Talking heads are saying she made partisan diatribes prior to the vote. What did she say? Is there a link for the transcript?
  2. wjk


    As did Reid the other day. What did they expect? By accusing them, a vote in their favor would have been an admission of guilt.
  3. Lucrum


    I heard PeNazi didn't actually say anything.

    She did take off her makeup and clothes and run up and down the isles.

    Everyone was stampeding out the exits so fast it looked like a fire alarm had sounded.
  4. wjk


    Republicans are confirming it was a speech by Pelosi, along with the divergence of the dems bi-partisanship behind closed doors followed by their partisanship in front of the cameras.
  5. "........failed budget policies by Bush. Irresponsible, etc. eetc.'

    The pissy schoolteacher on her period act.

    Nutmeg will attest to this. Your High School biology class is about to study reproductioin. You get dragged into the hall, and told, 'there are a lot of things you can make fun of..................'

    It was like that. Scathing. Very very unprofessional. That, and the fact that before the vote, moveon.org was running, 'this is mccain's fault' ads, assuming it will pass.

    What friggin' amateur politicians
  6. 94 dems voted against it. They brought a bill that was not even ready.
  7. wjk


    I would wager unread by many.
  8. she volunteered to fuck barney frank
  9. She basically spent a few minutes attacking the last eight years and blaming the mess on the Bush administration. Then she turned around and asked for GOP support. I was amazed when I heard what she said and after what she said, I was not surprised at the outcome.
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