What did I do wrong in this chart?

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  1. So I decided to start following USD/JPY at night. I got my feed from gain and opened up a 30 sec chart. It seems like the volume is really low? I went back 14 days and the biggest vol spike I see within a 30 sec interval is 40. Did I pull up the wrong symbol or something? Something is weird about this chart.
  2. wtf this can't be right, doesn't the tokyo session start at 7PM EST?
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    Whats up jon. Hows the trading going? As far as your question: I believe your adding the interbank market USD/JPY, don't even know how your getting volume as there is no central exchange to report volume with the interbank market. Try adding the 6J 06-09 instrument to get the futures yen which reports volume.

  4. YO! Whats up man? trading is going fine, still 100% AHG, though its more difficult using only the WIP lol.

    Anyways, I am actually trying to watch the FX, not the future. Not sure what the heck I'm doing wrong on this chart lol. Just though it would be good to get a few hours more screentime at night.
  5. As said above there is no volume for forex as there is no central exchange. The volume you see may be indicative of activity. I would believe it's the volume at your broker alone.
  6. Are you making trades based on the 30 second chart?

    Hopefully it's yes because I could use a good laugh.
  7. Given the fractal nature of the market I think it's interesting that a 30 second chart alone is enough to "laugh" at, but no this is the first FX chart I've ever brought up. I trade ES with a 30k vol chart and various other time frames.

  8. I use eSignal with the Forex add-on - and I get volume on my FX charts......

    Not sure how to interpret this volume data,,,,

    Thinking of switching to eSignal on demand with a direct feed from my fx broker tho - that might be more accurate

    Still trying to learn more about FX -- so much more complicated than stocks IMO

    But I feel that the trends are easier to spot than with stocks and ETFs..

    Anyone else feel the same way??
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    I don't know NinjaTrader but usually what you see in a Forex-chart (not Forex Futures) instead of volume is the number of trades (=ticks).
  10. I read official volume does not exist but some people were working on making synthetic volume. In any case, if you google "free forex charts", you see a link there that links you to a web demo of ChartStation by NetDania dot com. They have a volume option there but I don't know how it's determined.
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