What demographic is most likely to lose in trading?

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    What demographics is most likely to lose in trading?

    #1 Women/Female

    Women are the worst traders ever! However, there are 2 kinds of women: Dyke and barbie doll women. Dyke is most likely to become a successful trader than a barbie doll women. Dyke has balls to trade large quantities.

    #2 Age 18-30 years old

    In this group, they are proud to become an adult. They are proud not to live at home with their parent. They are not married or are in the process of getting marry and will do anything to have fun (bars, nightclub vegas, drugs, etc etc etc). They have limited income and look at trading as gambling. These people will most likely to start trading less than $5000. Can't blame them due to limited income.

    #3 Blue Collar workers

    In this group, most of them do not have college degree. These group falls in the lower middleclass and lower class. Blue collar define as:

    A blue-collar worker is a member of the working class who typically performs manual labor and earns an hourly wage. Blue-collar workers are distinguished from those in the service sector

    Majority of this group search for the holy grail system through google search.

    #4 Age 65 years old and up

    In this group, they are retired after 40 years of working and looking to have fun (enjoy life). Majority of this group are the victim of getting scam by the 3rd party educational vendors.

    #5 Age 30-55 years old

    In this group, most are in the process of changing career and look at trading as get rich quick after reading many books like soros, warren buffet, etc, etc. They dream of sending their kids to havard. They dream of owning a yacht. They dream of trading at home instead of working at an office. However, it is this group has a higher chance of becoming a successful traders vs others above. They are matured.

    I am looking for a good answer. Bring them up!!
  2. Women


    and in 3rd place? WOMAN.:D
  3. I'm gonna go with 87 yo female Aleut.
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    I'd wager the difference between any of these demographics would be negligible and insignificant
  5. Non-Goldman Sachs people. :D
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    that is a good one
  7. #6 ET posters
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  9. Those who love trading the most are the most likely to fail. The market holds the greatest attraction to those least suited for it. It's an unfortunate fact.

    Otherwise, all demographics are equal.
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    not bad
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