What debate were Sean Hannity and Carl Rove watching??

Discussion in 'Politics' started by lilduckling, Oct 16, 2008.

  1. I watched the debate. Scanned through the major news channels afterwards to gauge the preceptions of the pundits.... everyone agreed that Obama won.... even though McCain started off strong and was winning, he fizzles out soon afterwards. All channels.... INCLUDING FOX, were saying that McCain just didnt pull it off. Then Hannity and Colms comes on, with Carl Rove as a guest..... both Sean Hannity and Carl Rove went on and on AND ON, how McCain kicked ass ..... how McCain exposed Obama... etc, etc..... Do they think we are stupid? Dont they realize we also watched the debate?

    I mean.... McCain did jab Obama, true.... but Obama would counter right back with a side cross that smacked McCain square in the jaw. An example is when McCain complained about being compared to being a seperatist...or racist .... and that Obama allowed those attacks to go on.... then Obama just shot back that in Palin's rallies... people were yelling "kill him" meaning Obama.... and that McCain or Palin didn't say anything to those supporters either. This has been a common theme now.... McCain attacks, but Obama counters with a more powerful blow.

    Sean Hannity has lost all credibility. Carl Rove now works for FOX (surprise surprise). Republican commentators seem to be making themselves the court jesters of politics.

    Also......... since when did Super Mario Brothers become such an important voting block?? :confused: