What day of the week is best?

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  1. I cant remember where I read this, but I've herd

    1. Stocks usually move up 3 days and down 2
    2. Stocks usually move down 3 days and up 2

    (This has something to do with fibs i think)

    3. Monday is on average an up day

    4. Friday is on average a down day


    If this is true here is my idea:

    1. Buy on Monday
    2. Add to position on Tuesday
    3. Sell all by Wednesday
    4. Short on Thursday
    5. Cover on Friday
    6. Enjoy weekend

    Anyone use a similar strategy?

    - Nathan
  2. Somthing like it:

    Mon -- chest, biceps, tris (pulldowns)
    Tues -- 60-min run
    Wed -- 60-min run, hills
    Thurs -- shoulders, back, tris (skullcrushers)
    Fri -- 60-min run, hills
    Sat -- rest
    Sun -- 60-min run
  3. illiquids strategy might be considered more longer term...have you tried?:

    Mon: Pecs
    Tues: Shoulders
    Wed: Quads, Hams and Calves
    Thur: Back
    Fri: Biceps and Triceps

    End each session with 15 minutes of stepper...

    Everybody has a different way of trading and attempting to put it in a can, may not be consistent. But you can utilize this routine above from 18:00-21:00 est usually if you trade Spot Forex...this is the slow time and you can step away from the screen.

    My least favorite day of the week is leg day. If you miss a day, just pick up the schedule where it is at, do not try and catch up.
  4. The "Taylor Trading Technique" describes the "swing cycle" you mentioned and refers to them as buy days, sell days, and sell short days. This is not a fixed cycle and varies depending on whether you are in a trend or not. Sometimes you have to sync up with cycle so I wouldn't trade it as a mechnical system. Helps discretionary traders determine their bias for the day. Linda Raschke and George Angell in his LSS method uses it. I find it useful myself and use it in my trading, but it is just another tool to help frame out the market. Also, need to be able to determine when the bias is wrong so that you can adjust in real-time. Hope this helps.

  5. If I still lived across the street from the gym, I might give that routine a shot. But now it's a 30min subway ride. Anyways, my priority is more maintenance/fat-loss now rather than growth, I don't even squat anymore cuz I'd rather save my knees for running.

    In all seriousness cashmoney, turns in the market don't happen so discretely -- more like trend from lows to highs on Monday, gap lower and chop Tuesday, break to new weekly lows Wed am then reverse to slightly green by the close, etc etc.
  6. I drive 30 minutes to the gym every day and 30 minutes back (city driving of about 17 miles one way). It's funny there is 24 hr. fitness down the street, but we like our mom & pop gym.

    Seriously, try not to get lazy in your trading, trying to over optimize and put the market in a profile would be to easy.

    Illiquid is right. but he needs to get into the gym :)

    Michael B.

  7. Tell me about it! When I used to do a split routine, I did legs last. I always dreaded it looming over my workout. Now, at almost 48, I just do all muscle groups in a single workout, twice a week. With cardio and abs, it amounts to almost 2 hours and 45 minutes per session. I go all out. I know, I won't be winning any contests with such a routine, but that wouldn't be happening anyway.

    Back to your point, I now do legs first, and I love it. It gets done right away, and there is no more dreaded anticipation. Like that self-help guru who said to eat a whole frog first thing in the morning. The day can only get better after that.
  8. mizer


    Maybe next time you drive to the gym you could actually start working out:cool:
  9. Folks isn't it good to see the more accomplished traders contributing to this thread? We will finally get to the crux of trading and I thank the thread author.

    I hope our Thread author is getting as much from this as I?

    Michael B.

    P.S. Watch for the next EliteTrader thread coming to your trading screens soon..."Cooking with Mrs. Savant".
  10. Translation to newbies...

    Get off the demo and start trading real dollars...:)

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