What data stream/broker combo is cheapest?

Discussion in 'Data Sets and Feeds' started by cbyp, Nov 9, 2005.

  1. cbyp


    When it comes to trading futures with a low budget, whats the best portal to 'test the waters'? possible free virtual accounts and low fees for beginners?

    It seems most brokers are geared towards keeping the newbies out and dealing with pro's (questions like how many years experience trading do you have, high minimum deposits, hgh monthly fees)

    Any help appreciated, I'm in the uk but dont mind international brokers.

    I ideally want live feeds, option to put indicators of my choice on the data, and have a simple 1 contract going in a broker window. I have been recommended various free sites but their data is delayed, no good for me, minutes are crucial to my trading plan.

    Ideally would like it all from the same company but can use seperate companies for each task.

    Cost is paramount here, i dont need anything fancy tbh.

  2. Hittfeld


    As you live in the UK, CMC (formerly d4f) should be your first step: free software, free datafeed and best of all taxfree if you succeed.