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  1. When looking at a moving average what data point is used. For example, if I have the following price points (below) that encompass one minute worth of tick data. What one data point is used in calcuating a one minute moving average. Yes, I know it takes more than one data point for the average, I need to know how the individual data points are constructed. Is it the closing bid, closing ask, an average of the two or something different? What is traditionally used?

    bid / ask / time
    1.21 / 1.23 23:15:10
    1.18 / 1.20 23:15:11
    1.19 / 1.21 23:15:12
    1.19 / 1.21 23:15:15
    1.17 / 1.19 23:15:20

  2. There are variety of ways you can get moving avg.


    etc. etc. etc.

    It all depends on what you use.
  3. Lucrum


    Traditionally it's the closing or last price of
    each bar. But most modern software allows the user to define the data being averaged.
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