What country would you live in if you are filthy rich?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by a529612, Aug 1, 2006.

  1. I'd get a place in greece. nothing compares to those beaches
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  2. I'd live in the newly founded, Laissez-faire, free-market nation of Libertaria.

    I'd <b>create</b> it.
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  3. Cesko


    Shuttling between USA and Czech Republic (mainly because it is hard to see an ugly female back home).Second it's not socialist shithole anymore. And it has been disposed of Russian garbage.
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  4. Australia.
    Worlds best LEGALISED brothels/high class escort system. Growing your own pot is decriminalised. We speak English. Lots of hot girls from all over the place with nice attitudes (some would disagree - suckers). World class casinos in every city. Beautiful weather in most places. No Guns. Plenty of gold under the ground so if the world goes belly up - aussie dollars are ok. No nukes anywhere. Population of New York State (20mill.) in a country the size of continental USA - so if there is a world wide famine, there are few mouths to feed and there is plenty of wheat to go around. As an Island - nobody gets here without crossing shark infested waters. In case of a global nuclear war - Australia is the most far away place you could go to to survive the fallout (apart from fiji - but they can get drowned in water if a pole shift hits and melts the ice-caps). Worlds best cradle to grave social security and medicare system (Hence low crime). No "real" mafiosos like in Russia or USA to get on your case. No death penalty so as a citizen you can live with a clean consciousness in knowing that you are not butchering your fellow man. No diseases like Mad cow/foot and mouth bird flu is coming anywhere near here. Excellent new pre-nup laws if you want to get married here. Laid back lifestyle. Beautiful beaches. Similar taxes to the U.S.. Best time zone to trade fx. (and hence manage your own money) OR you can stick your money in aussie govt bonds and collect 6% and have no worries mate.
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  5. I'd pick Russia. You'd be able to turn that 500m into several billion in no time. You can break any law and get away with it when you're rich. And the women are better than anywhere in the world.

    Just stay out of politics. :)
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  6. Russian women the best???? Oh no my freind.....if you ever get a chance go to Brazil.....or Miami!!! :D
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  7. I've been to Miami many times. Rio once, for a bachelor's party actually. Have you ever been to Russia? :) Or Hungary? Or the Czech Republic or Ukraine?
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  8. Some very dirty chicks out there...
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  9. DannoXYZ


    With $500m, i'd live everywhere. Take my yatch and cruise the world. :) Or leverage that amount to make a lot more and OWN my own country. :)
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  10. I'd buy Kenya, pretty cool to have your own country.
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