What country would you live in if you are filthy rich?

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  1. Say $500m net worth and liquid, would you still pick US?
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    you bet.
  4. Even if you'll get to know your IRS agent on a first name basis?

  5. I don't cheat on my taxes,
    and if I was filthy rich, maybe my tax attorney
    would be on a first name basis with the IRS,
    but not me.
    Also, I wouldn't waste time on marginal tax strategies,
    no need, I'm filthy rich, remember?
    I'd be enjoying it.

    Let's see know..........

    Several airplanes, including a P51 Mustang
    A Racing Team
    A Fabulous home
    Great parties with big name bands playing with me sitting in on a song 'er two.
    Family and friends not worrying about money........

    and here's the big one....
    entering option positions with more than 5 contracts!!!

    Then I could publish a book on trading options,
    I'd call it,

    "How To Make A Small Fortune Trading Options,
    Start Out With A Large One!!!" :p :D
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    Fiji or there abouts. If you have independent income you don't have to pay taxes. The living is cheap and the natives are friendly. The weather is fantastic all year around. No stupid Mc-Franchise blighted landscape. Best of all if there's a nuclear war you'd be away from all the radiation fall out.
  7. Take it as insult or not, I have to say your life must really suck

    I can live better than Bill gate if i had $5m only, your problem is:

    1- You don't know how much to spend?
    2- Where or how to enjoy?

    Even $500,000,000 won't make any differance in your life, believe me
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  9. Arnie's on... only the best for me as well.
  10. Haiti....Id buy the country and throw everybody out.
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