What country has the best Forex traders

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    What country has the best, i.e. (most profitable) Forex traders?

    Is it America, England, Japanese, Canadian, etc...?

    Some say that the Forex traders over in London are some of the best. Is this true?

    Any opinions?
  2. I would imagine that inward looking Americans would be just about the worst. I have often thought that people from countries that have had currency de-valuations would make good FX traders because they have a better understanding of what money really is.
  3. Jamaica is the best. No contest.
  4. Possibly. By self selection, the most succesful non-american, non-UK currency traders will want to relocate to the country with the best trading hours in the world. That country is the UK. Its special tax regime for non-domiciled individuals doesn't hurt either. France, Spain have similar hours but too much taxes and too many idiots there.
    American currency traders tend to be in NYC, just because the biggest banks are headquartered there. UK currency traders are all over the place as long as taxes are zero (Bahamas, MonteCarlo) or "part time residents" at Marbella or Ibiza-Spain
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    Very interesting, do anyone know,

    Which city have the best Canadian Dollar traders ?

    Which city have the best Mexican Pesos traders ?
  6. Country?....!!!!!

    trading is not genetic my friend nor best traders are born in specific country, trading is about what you have in your stomach. who is the best FX TRADER of the world?

    I would say Z CoMaNdAtOrE.


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    still, he can do better.....:)
  7. I read in traders monthly that some traders moved
    to aussie / kiwi land to trade FX and that it had fantastic hours for traders to trade / surf the waves ... etc
  8. dude ... you really must be Coinz cousin

    -I would say Z CoMaNdAtOrE.-


    -he's got the thing....
    YTD 2580%-
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    Z C
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