What could have been done with the Amaranth money?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by eagle488, Oct 1, 2006.

  1. Ok. What could have been done with the Amaranth money. . .think of something real and post it up in the reply.

    I will be the first. Build an exact replica of the proposed Freedom Tower over in Jersey City in less time then the real Freedom Tower...
  2. the actual money or just the same amount of money that was in the fund?
  3. I mean. . .what could have been done with 7 billion dollars.

    I thought of another idea. Re-create the old Tower air and equip it with 25-35 Boeing 787 Dreamliners at 188 million a piece.
  4. Partner up with Habitat for Humanity, and build at least 35,000 homes.
  5. Own a shuttle and a half for a year and half the space station. 7Bil is about 1/2 of NASA's annual budget.
  6. most people always tend to talk about the giant losses some funds took in the past. But shouldn´t the question be who made the 6 billion instead and what they are going to do with it?

    After all, the 6 billion did not just evaporate, but were made on the other side of the trade!