What could cause gold prices to collapse?

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  1. A new round of deleveraging?
    My thinking is that since gold prices are UNCH since February 2008, that it's one of the few assets that haven't lost value, and may be primed to be dumped if we get another round of bailing...
    LIBOR spreads widening for 2 consecutive weeks - first time since September, and a new banking crisis in Europe appears to be looming...

    Dow 6000, Gold 600 coming in the next few months?
  2. Gov't selling their gold reserves.

    So far this isn't the case, they are just printing money and/or running budget deficits to finance themselves.
  3. People selling?
  4. When the level of fear drops. Gold is going up now due to a general fear that the fiat currency system could collapse.
  5. Gold is the last refuge for the world's money. The price is likely being suppressed right now to preserve the false value of the American dollar but they can't do that forever.

    In the depression of 1929 gold was the only thing that increased in value.
  6. Incorrect. So did cash.
  7. I don't know, but I think the chance of gold breaking out here and holding it is pretty slim when I see 2-3 commercials every day trying to get me to buy gold coins.
  8. True, but the United States didn't go into the last depression with such huge debts. Also, the United States was still on the gold standard at that time.
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    Only 1 thing: if someone finally succeeds at al chemistry. :) :D
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    Well Said Sam, Gold is being suppressed....

    With all the issues in the economy and the amount of money being printed, I see gold well over $2000.....
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