What constitutes edge / why is my system working?

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  1. Some background: I am no quant PhD, and certainly no hedge fund guy. I am just an engineer with decent programming skill.

    I have spent a small part of the last 2 years developing and building a pretty simple intra-day trend-following system (fully automated) focussed on currencies. No fancy indicators, just signals based of when price exceeds a simple moving average. After a bunch of backtesting and paper trading, I'm seeing that it actually makes good return and I just started live trading with it.

    BT results: Sharpe > 1.7, with tight stop losses.

    While I was happy, I was also quite suspicious to see this working as well. Can someone help me intuit how such systems work?
    • What are the market forces making this system work?
    • Is this effectively taking money from less sophisticated traders? Or, am I riding the wave with smart money who just don't mind taking smaller losses which are actually quite meaningful for retail traders?
    • Why haven't hedge funds/smarter people arbitraged or sucked the alpha out of my system?
    • I've read Ernest Chan's books and it seems that this might be related to 'capacity' but I am still not sure why it is actually working.
    Thanks in advance.
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    reminds, me a question someone posted on one Russian forum: How to proof to myself that my wife is not a whore? :)
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    Why not go on Chan's blog and ask them?
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  4. So, what's the bottom line ...throw some return percentages out there -- alot of people talk a big game, but they only generate matching market returns at best in a good year... when it's all said and done from their big scientific smart-sounding presentation.

    My fart has more depth and complexity and rewards than some people.
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  5. Sharpe 1.7 - returning 100% a year for the last 2 years when trending (it is a trend follower, after all). Around 30% prior to that when the assets I was trading was not trending.

    RE: asking on the blog, I would, but was hoping some of the intraday/retail traders here (clearly there are many successful ones) who would offer some perspective.
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    How much time have you been live trading?
    How many live trades have you done so far?
    Backtesting results is a good start but finding a profitable system is a long journey that can be painful.
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  7. I started with FX about 5 years ago, mostly hand trading, breaking even and going nowhere.

    With this system, I paper traded for the last year on a demo account, and started live trading recently when my paper trading results were pretty darn close to my backtest outcomes.
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    Backtesting is one thing.
    Paper trading is another thing.
    Real money trading is the real deal.
    The first 2 don't guarantee that you'll make money with real trading.
    After a year or so of real trading, you might re-ask yourself your original questions, if you still make consistent money. For now IMO, I think it's too soon to conclude on your system capacity to make money.
    For now, enjoy (while it lasts!) and hoping for you that in 1 year you'll still be as glad as today.
    Best of luck!
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  9. Alright fair. Thanks and looking forward to the next year!

    In case it works, I'll still have the same questions, i.e where is the money coming from amidst other things :)
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    Taxonomy of Trader Types via Harris is a well-defined universe of traders.


    This chart is missing the updated classification of ‘Futule Traders’ which is most likely who’s trades you are deriving your profits from.
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