What Computer do you prefer: two options....

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Ares, Jul 1, 2007.

  1. Ares



    - Intel® Xeon® 5110 (1,66 GHz, FSB 1066 MHz, cache 4 MB)
    -Windows® XP Professional
    - FBD DDR2 4 channels 2 GB - 667 MHz (2 x 1 GB)
    - nVidia Quadro FX550 da 128 MB
    -CD-RW/DVD 48x
    -3 years Business support

    2,100 Us dollar

    or this :


    -Intel® Core™ 2 Duo E6600 (2,4 GHz, 1066 MHz, 4 MB)
    -Windows® XP Professional
    -SDRAM DDR2 4096 MB a 667 MHz [4 x 1024]
    -nVidia™ GeForce® 8600GTS da 256 MB
    -DVD+/-RW 16x
    Stripe Serial ATA RAID 0 / 500 GB [2 X 250 GB and 7.200 rpm with cache DataBurst™
    -3 years Business support

    1,900 Us dollar

    Suggestions are welcome
  2. What are you going to use it for?
  3. Xeon's are Intel's server lineup....

    Personally would go with the E6600, but I'm also a hardcore gamer at heart :)
  4. YoungOne


    Option B due to it having 2x the memory and 2x video memory. Also, option B includes a DVD writer. I've personally never used a Xenon but the E6600 is good.
  5. jumper


    Option B.

    I was told that XP won't utilize RAM over 2GB but I'm not an expert.
  6. JackR


    I don't see a disk drive or disk array for the 490. Did you miss posting it or wasn't it quoted?

  7. I have used Dells for many years now. Every place I have worked has Dells. I will say this loud and clear, dont get a Dell!!!

    Why you ask? Every Dell I have ever worked with has had problems. My work computer has had the motherboard replaced 3 times and has had a number of different issues.

    If you do get a Dell, then buy the service plan for at least 2 years. The service is great and they have had a repairman out within 24 hours.

    I would say to get yourself an HP. Always buy the service plan in any event.
  8. I prefer the Precision line. You get 3 year American based tech support and they treat you really really well. If you ever need a replacement part, just call and they'll overnight it to you. Plus, the build quality of the workstation like is much more robust than the average Joe's Dell.

    P.S. I think you are paying full retail for those Dell's listed. They shouldn't cost anywhere as much if you looks for deals and use coupons, etc.
  9. KS96


    don't get a Dell
  10. Just go to TigerDirect.com and get an Amd duo for under $500.
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