What company manufactures Placebo?

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  1. What company manufactures Placebo?

    I am interested in investing in the BioTech field and have noticed that Placebo is used in a lot of drug tests for all sorts of diseases

    Placebo must be a huge money maker and I would like to by the stock of the company that sells it.
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    DNA- Genentech
  3. Ok thanks....DNA it is. I will open up a huge position on Monday.

    Placebo is the drug of the future.
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  5. Could it be...??

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    You gott be having a go right - are you for real??
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    The best manufacturer of placebo is in your head. Like traders looking for the Holy Grail elsewhere when indeed they were born with it.....If they learn how to use it....:)
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    Placebo is from the same producer as unobtainium.

    They also run a software company making vaporware.

    They have a marine company that makes prop wash.

    Their defense electronics division makes doppler grease for radars...

  9. ROFLMAO. :D

    u_g, you either foster a proclivity towards all posts comical (not unlike yours truly I might add), OR, you are an avid reader of Encyclopaedia Moronica.

    In any case, and in order to inform the uninformed, click link below...

    PS. Anybody heard of Placebo Domingo? :D :D :D
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    Biggest placebo in history

    The Bush administration, their drummed up war, their cronies. How about this: the guy that got fired from FEMA is still collection $178k a year paychecks, he has been kept on the payroll to help in the transition to find another crony....:D

    59 some million nitwits voted for this clown to lead us into the future....:eek:
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