What companies have the best prices for laptops/notebooks in the USA ?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by fluttrader, Feb 12, 2008.

  1. What companies to check out ?
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    Any website that scans for the cheapest place for a certain model ?
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  4. Thanks , boys !
  5. The Dell Home ( or Business ) "Outlets" that sell refurbished computers ( anything less than 21 days old ).

    Late last month I just purchased a Dell Vostro-400 from their Business Outlet site in order to still use Windows XP and avoid Vista ( which is being packaged on all Dell machines now ). Came with an Intel Duo-Core E6850 processor at 3.0 GHz., 1333 front side bus, two gigs of PC-6400 800 MGhz memory with an Nvidia GeForce 8600 GTS dual-dvi video card and an 80 gig hard drive. One year warranty and free shipping. Mouse and keyboard included. No monitor.

    $519.00 + tax


  6. Where to find those refurbished computers ?

    What exactly is a refurbished compu ?

    What % discounts you have on average with refurbished stuff ?
  7. 1. Check the Dell Outlet store online.

    2. Refurbished could mean anything, like replacing a modem that didn't work on a customer return... the machine can't be resold as "new", so it becomes "refurbished".

    3. Discount is EXTREMEMLY variable. I've seen refurbished units costing more than new, so check carefully. Know what a new one would cost (with similar features) and compare refurbished prices.

    Don't shy away just because a unit is "refurbished"... Dell offers the same full warranty on those as new. The refurbs are not always great deals, but sometimes you can get a steal.