what commission is possible for 20m shares

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    I have been testing a strategy on BAC that is working well. What sort of commission level could I get if I achieved 20m monthly volume.

    I am thinking that $0.002 per share is possible, maybe lower?

    would be needing 95%+ payout


  2. You should get at least .0015.
  3. Putting up $40,000 or so? Guarantee 20m per month? If not 20 million, then up the commission? Just asking. Certainly not a rebate trading scheme, right? Actual trading, right?

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    actual volume Don. The strategy would rely on rebates.
  6. just read you are trading bac.

    go to a canadian firm!!!
    youll get .0002 and 70% ish payout

    THAT's what u need
  7. if you're trading symbols under $10-$15 you can find under $1 for 1k shares at the bigger CBSX firms. I'm not sure about the 95% payout, but you can definitely find 80-90%.

    if it's just BAC you are trading, you can find a firm that does massive volume on those symbols and find maybe even 20-30 cents with 80% or 85%

    Right now I'm paying $2.25 for non-scalping stocks and 30 cents for scalping stocks (I get 70/30 payout but I don't trade that account much.

    IN sterling, you can have multiple accounts in the dropdown box for the account in the order box. One set of data fees for multiple accounts so it didn't cost anything extra. I trade mostly ETFs and tech stocks nowadays but if you're doing 20mm, I'm sure you can find better.
  8. Agree, that model has been beaten to death, BUT if you have a firm that pays a ticket charge per symbol. For example, Charles Kim at Swift told me he pays something like $1,000 per day for one ticket trading GE. So traders aren't assessed anything, and they don't really "trade" they just sit and watch the video game with bids and offers, to collect rebates. Firm keeps most of the profits, have 1000 guys in China do it (something happened in Canada, not sure why they closed up)....

    When Charles had guys who wanted to trade, he sent them to Bright Trading, just like he came to our training etc.

    No big deal, just difficult for a single person to do well since if you miss once or twice a day, you will lose much (much) more than you can make.

    Good luck with it however.