What college majors are best for trading (and are favored by trading firms)?

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  1. What college majors are best for trading (and are favored by trading firms)?

    The first look would be at finance (my current major), but it also seems like there could be value in economics, international business, and a few others.

    I want to either work for a macro hedge fund, continue trading intraday like I do now, and possibly starting my own business (thinking of adding a management minor).

    Any advice is helpful. Thanks
  2. Computer science
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    Math and sciences. An analytical background is preferred.
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    Jewish Studies at Yeshiva University. :)
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    it makes no difference. you dont go to college to learn a vocational skill. you go for the experience.

    what were you like when you were ten years old and what did you get on your SATs? With that info you can see where someone will end up.
  7. College education is not all ''''that'''' important.

    More important is your mental toughness / psychology.

    I think that discipline trumps intellect anyday when it comes to trading.

    As my mentor always says charts are easy (I completely agree after his training). Instead it is psychology that is difficult.

    Trading firms prefer discipline over "Ivy League". That's not to discount higher education but if you can prove that you have what it takes to be a profitable for the firm then you will have no problem getting a trader position.
  8. I appreciate the suggestions for accounting, computer science, and also going for the discipline and psychology of a trader.

    I do have three accounting classes as part of my finance requirement (I would gladly shoot myself than take any extra), and I have tried to learn programming, but I hate it more than accounting.

    I completely understand the learning of trading discipline and psychology, but I'm trying to both look good on paper and get the most out of the educational portion of my college experience.

    What kind of analytical background are you talking about? Statistics kinds of things, sciences using the scientific method?

    Thanks for the answers.
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    Certified Massage Therapist?

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