What College courses to Take?

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  1. Hello Everyone!

    I want a career in the stock market, but dont know what courses to take in college..>What i was thinking about was a degree in buisness with a major in Finance or Accouting?

    Do you think its possible to have a career in Day Trading? (Stocks or Eminis?)
  2. Major in Economics and minor in psychology.
  3. nitro


    Accounting, Statistics, and play lots of Bridge.

  4. Ken_DTU


    advanced statistics, designed experiments etc, continues to be useful... all these years later... being able to know how to develop variables/levels... experiment, reduce sources of variation .. helps w/pattern recognition... developing consistency, recognizing outlier data etc ..

  5. african american studies and greek history.
  6. accounting, statistics, finance...

  7. take a corporate finance class, after the basic finance.
  8. take an investment class... it combines the basis of business statistics with the conceptual approach of finance... but the key thing to get out of it is controlling risk.

    Even though a class like this is looking at long term portfolio assembly and management, all the concepts apply to short term investing as well. Paticularly the Risk mmanagement which is a crucial concept to understand in trading.

    So I say take the class, if they don't offer it, or you go to a college instead of a university... pick up a book on portfolio risk management.

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  9. Read Jack Schwager' books on Wizards if you want to see the range of educations out there.

    The two I identify with are Soros and Seykota.

    You should know by now that it doesn't take any specific education to make money on the markets. Springfield University in Mass. might be a great school for you, a lot of phys ed teachers go there.

    I took one economics course in college and worked for one company for five years. After that I more or less used investing to support me and I did what I wanted with my time.

    I got interested in investing just as I was leaving grad school. My department head where I was an instructor part time, read me the Wall Street Journal for an hour one day. Ater that I knew that I would be making more money investing than working.

    I'm gong to look at your posts and see where you are at this point.
  10. If your college has Popperian/positivist/austrian school philosophy professors attend philosophy / methodology of science classes. Be skeptic of kuhnians, marxists and anarchists bunch of idiots, it's no coincidence they are all on welfare either academic or governmental.
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