What CNBC does is almost corrupt.

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  1. Pumping the market every day, to help themselves out and get more advertising.
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    It was their business model in the first place.

    It only seems corrupt now with things unraveling. Like many other business models that avoided scrutiny during the long expansion.
  3. What do you expect from this one trick pony?
  4. What else do you expect when it's parent company is a massive financial company that is friendly with the white house.
  5. Lucky for you, you can turn off the tv whenever you want to.

  6. Unlucky for you, you are who you are, a losing trader.
  7. No need for hostility, I just meant that you weren't forced to watch that garbage. I've been trading ~10 yrs and haven't had CNBC on during RMH since 2003/2004

  8. Exactly. The same people who complain about CNBC still tune in each and every day...
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    We are still in a long expansion. The market will keep going higher. Not at the speed of the recent rise but up we go. The financial crisis was just a speed bump. Once consumers pay down more debt and save more they will begin spending it on the next Widget. Think about it, <b>computers fit in the palm of your hand!</b>

    We are knee deep in a technological revolution that dwarfs the industrial revolution.

    And just so I don't get too far off topic, phuck CNBC :D

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    Did you see the laser story from Cali yesterday? They can recreate the energy of the sun. Amazing
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