What clearing rate do you think Bright Trading has .0005 or less per share???

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by jack5, Jun 23, 2003.

  1. jack5


    when I say .0005 i mean 5/100's of a penny per share
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    i highly, highly doubt it's that low. my guess is .002 to .003
  3. nitro


    I think you mean .002 or .003.

  4. Probably lower
  5. how long until don bright gets this one deleted???

  6. What do you care?
    Are you looking to start a clearing firm?

    ...and i would venture to guess they pay less then .002...in fact, due to volume I would go so far as to say .75-.85 cents per 1000

    but m just guessing.
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  8. okwon


    It has to be lower. There are offices of other firms that get cleared for less than .002 and they probably don't even approach 1/10th of the volume as Bright does as a firm.

    Bright has other expenses, so it's not like it's all going into their pocket.
  9. I guess that he clears at $0.0017 per share including the use of that wonderful REDI+ front-end.
  10. I know firms that charge $1 per 1000 shares and do less volume then bright, so I would assume that he is paying less.
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