What Class!

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    If only wish we could isolate the libtards to one part of the country, then we could have a good old fashioned civil war.

    Too many leftists sucking up the oxygen. They need thinning out.
  3. another left wing nut job.
  4. Army Vet Threatens To Kill Obama And Start A War Between Christians And Muslims

    Roman Otto Conaway, an Army veteran, is accused of threatening to kill President Obama and threatening to “start an apocalypse.”

    Federal agents arrested Conaway, 50, at his home early Wednesday in the St. Louis suburb of Fairview Heights, ending a seven-hour standoff that investigators say followed his threats to kill Obama as part of a plan to ignite a war between Muslims and Christians.


    In the criminal complaint, [FBI Special Agent Richard] Box alleged that on Tuesday afternoon, someone at a St. Louis-area mosque told the FBI a caller identifying himself as “Roman” threatened to burn a copy of the Quran and videotape it for distribution to three television stations. Searches of Conaway’s house later found a new Quran on a barbecue grill above sticks and twigs, next to a gasoline can and matches, Box wrote.

    The caller also pledged to “start a war between Christians and Muslims,” “kill President Obama and other government officials to start a war,” end the military conflict in Afghanistan and ensure North Korean leader Kim Jong Il would “have some pain and cry,” Box wrote.

    “I want to start an apocalypse,” Box said the caller proclaimed.

    Conaway described himself to investigators as “anti-government.” Hours before the call to the mosque he was barred by a judge from having contact with his grandchildren.

  5. Lucrum


    I would support a separation into two different countries.
    We obviously have irreconcilable differences and the divide is only going to get worse and make us weaker.
  6. bpcnabe


    They already have a country of their own. It's called Canada.