What circumstances have the worst long term effect on the United States

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  1. Gay Marriage

    Abortion on Demand

    Racial Integration

    Long Drawn Out Guerilla War
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    Political corruption -- it leads to all the others, although some, like gay marriage, I don't care about either way.

    Even more dangerous is a "gullible and uninformed brainwashed public", but that's a bit too long to add to your poll...
  3. Abortion On Demand and Racial Integration aren't even negatives at all IMO...quite the opposite. Also, I think Gays should have the option of getting legal 'Gay unions', providing them with the same legal status as a married hetero couple.
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    You forgot George Bush gets re-elected
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    Well, he skipped the obvious catastrophes. :p
  6. These are actually all good. It is actually quite good that we are drawing all the terrorists to Iraq - as it should be. I'm certain the CIA / administration is happy w/ this as this was one of the primary aims of the war - to bring the fight to the terrorists.

    We want Afghanistan and Iraq to be the terror network's last stand, where we have a local muslim poplulace as ally and US civilians are at a safe distance as we go about eliminating them like roaches.

    Of course the administration isn't going to say they are happy terrorists are coming to Iraq as that would only alienate the local Iraqis and whip up apologist presidential hopefulls. Nevertheless, the plan looks brilliant and effective. Naturally it is dissappointing that we must discover there are so many terrorists and that their methods are so destructive, but that only highlights the importance of Bush's pro-active stance.

    The worst thing that could happen is if the US continues to think itself big enough and important enough to continue being fiscally irresponsible. This is a grave error. I still don't understand why we loan X billion dollars to Iraq but France, Russia, and Germany are to get their blood money repaid?? Something is not right with that equation and if we let it happen well, it would be a terrible mistake.

    The second worst mistake would be to vote Bush out of office. The vote has become a referendum on his fight against terrorism and to equivocate now would send a terrible message.

    The third would be reach some sort of detent w/ the murderous N. Korean regime. The only acceptable relations, IMO, is one based on open and unadulterated hostility, rhetorically based on genocide rather than WMD.