What Chinese stock today? 10-11

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  1. Okay, yesterday was SDTH and SEED.

    What's today gonna be?

    Which one will you be looking at pre-market for action? I look for both those to be dumped and flipped into the next runner.

    Then again, they can pull CHNR or JRJC's.

    I feel like I am reliving 99'. Instead of which .com trash to be pumped, it's which China mover. Buy it, dump it, ask questions later.
  2. Fuck!. Both still getting pumped higher.
  3. zdreg


    you are reliving 1999
  4. Looks like SEED, SDTH, and NOEC are all moving, they are fertilizer/chemical companies, actually, the fundamentals are ok for most of these companies, which means they probably won't go up much compared to the past crap like JRJC and CHNR. lol
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    CBPC. China BioPharma Inc. It went up 80% yesterday and is on a tear. Get in and make 2000%.
  6. SEED actually has some institutional ownership, that could be a bad thing for daytrading because I'm sure the institutions will dump in size if this move gets out of hand.
  7. Stay away from that crap micro shit, That schmock ledbed.com pumped that crap at .07 only to watch it go to .02. Yeah, it doubled yesterday if you were on the take at .02. Think I'll pass.
  8. Pump you know you can trust stoney with the Chinese. I only buy quality and my only mistake is I get off too soon.

    All about getting these Chinese kids to drink milk.
    I've posted twice before on this name. ADY.

    Also I continue to favor one that has not participated- Canadian Solar CSIQ I love that chart. But I haven't bought yet. ~ stoney
  9. LDK..take it and bid it.
  10. Told ya- ADY surges to tag $25!!!

    I just bought CSIQ @ $11.50 could of had it closer to $11 but just had to really be sure of the volume-- looks promising for this afternoon. This one has a lot of room to run. ~ stoney
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