What chatrooms are good and what to avoid?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by trevor99, Sep 8, 2001.

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    Are there any chatrooms out there that train non-newbies? I've tried them all, most sound like 'buy it now / sell it now' or "be disciplined" junk... like cnbc for traders lol...

    Are there any that actually teach traders real daytrading skills? (non-newbie stuff)..?

    thanks .. :)

    i've tried most of them, still looking :0

    not that there will be many of us here after september
  2. Babak


    can you be a bit more specific? what do you mean by non-newbie stuff?

    Actually realtytrader and mtrader dont tell just tell you enter here and exit here. They teach you WHY they take a trade so that in time you can do the same without them. That is the difference between them and signal sellers. So in effect they are teaching you "real daytrading skills". That's their aim.
  3. trevor99


    you're right...'signal sellers' are not useful... i dont want to pay some guy to say buy it now and sell it now without learning why and how

    re the two you mentioned, those two rooms were newbie, need more on tape/technicals... cant find any good rooms/books out there...

    most seems to be either momentum buy it now bs or swing trading, not much real trading... how are yu/waxie/tokyo joe? others... none are my style from what i've seen...

    need to learn this so i can do it independently o..

    also, any good daytrading schools, eg are broadway/bright/echo/ota/pristine any good, others? appreciate it..
  4. aldrums


    Are there any that actually teach traders real daytrading skills? (non-newbie stuff)..?

    Try realitytrader.com


    P.S. I am not affiliated

  5. what you call "signal sellers". Some are providing market analysis and demonstrating a mock portfolio that performs well. And if the track record is good (should be around at least 2 years), why not follow them?

    That's the hidden gem of the internet, smart folks are buried out their on the 'net showing their skills. And the only way you know about them is because of the 'net.

    Summary: if the track record is consistent and good, there may be more to ithe actual story than you saying "signal seller".

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    www.undergroundtrader.com is a pretty intense, no nonsense site (run by Jea Yu). Subscribed for a couple of months, picked up some very useful approaches to scalping.
  7. Would someone mind posting the URL for Realtytrader & Mtrader forums please.
    I am a foreign based trader & not familiar with these sites..already checked www.realtytrader.com & similar for Mtrader..no luck..any other good sites/URL's would be appreciated ..thankyou
  8. cappuci


    I can recommend:


    I tried them all and have been a member for a long time at Mtrader and swingtrader.net. www.millennuim-traders.com seems to be pretty good too. But I haven't tried them yet.

    For training in general I think all the "regular" sources are pretty good. I have been on a pristine seminar, with DTU etc. For technical analysis I strongly recommend the www.hardrightedge.com course. But none of these services really make a successful trader out of you, they do however give you a good foundation. What you really need is a good coach/mentor (at least that was true for me). I recommend www.daytradingcoach.com .
  9. Thankyou cappa
  10. Even though these places are free, they often have great nuggets of information:

    Free Real-time:
    1) #daytraders, located on the othernet.org server (both net based and through MIRC)
    2) #rttraders.com (same location as above)
    The above rooms throw up the occasional good trading idea... the rooms are FREE, so treat anything said with caution ... the first room, in particular, has a lot of pump and dump. The #rttraders is more civilised in my opinion.

    Free Websites:
    1) elitetrader.com
    2) hardrightedge.com
    3) siliconinvestor.com (stocktalk section)
    4) Linda Raschke articles: http://www.mrci.com/lbr/
    4) Ken Wolff's articles on:
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