What Charting Systems Do You Use?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by dsq, Jan 16, 2008.

  1. dsq


    I trade through td izone and use the quote tracker platform...its not very fancy but that's been alright.I am wondering should i get something more fancy for daytrading?Ive only been daytrading for 9 months and i can get whipsawed at times.For example i went short jpm 3 times within an hour or so and made 1 cent,4cents,11cents...only to miss out on 80cent and 1.00 moves.
    I get a candlestick minute chart with a green/red bar that swells when the buying or selling increases/decreases...that indicator is about the only thing i find useful aside from my predetermined support resistance levels on a stock.Candlesticks are a mystery to me as is point and figure.They seem great at showing the past but not the future.Are stochastics and MA's better?

    I will include a gif of the 1 minute chart i am using...let me know what you think-good,bad or fugly.
  2. i use esignal premier, they have a few options mine comes to about 125 a month
  3. TOS ThinkDesktop because its free when you open an account