What Charting Program Do You Use?

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  1. I currently have my hands on TradeDesk from Etrade Pro and I think the charting on it is garbage. I thought I would be okay with it since all I need is to chart intraday with 3 Simple Moving Averages. However, the software only has history back 3 days even though I set the properties to 10 days. The MAs aren't even right. Garbage.

    I get what I pay for so I'm willing to pay the piper for good charts. Any one suggest any that is hopefully less than $40/mo?
    Just need equities, intraday history, and a realtime feed.
  2. I have extensive experience with tradestation, but I stopped using it for trading during the day.

    I just switched to J-Chart. It is the most incredible charting app that I have ever seen. Please check out the post that I just put up a couple of hours ago:


    J-Chart works well on equity futures, forex, and the bond futures. They offer data on the 100 stocks in the Nas100, but I don't really trade those. I just trade the electronic minis and the bond futures. I do a little bit of forex.

    I hear that traders are having great success trading forex using J-Chart...Here are some forex examples:






    As you can see, J-Chart successfully nailed these trades. A decently sized hedge fund using J-Chart to trade the forex in the last few weeks should have made millions.
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    Just looked at your referenced sites....is J-Chart easier to use and understand than the brief explanations on their web site?

  4. J-Chart is very easy to understand, but there is obviously some mastering involved with any charting application.

    Once you get the "feel" for things, it is very easy to trade using J-Chart. All of the stops are built in. You shold never take a big drawdown using J-Chart.

    Sometimes I think that using J-Chart is like playing ping pong, except you know exactly where your opponent will hit the ball to.

    The trading setups offer very high probabilities and the stops are built in....that is the best part.

    Most systems do not have good stops. That is a big issue. I find that J-Chart is like using an organic market tool, and it helps me to identify trends as well.

    When I first saw J-Chart, it was at a trading expo, and everybody was like, "What the hell is this?"

    I was highly skeptical of J-Chart, until I began using it, and I found out how powerful it was. I stopped using all of my analysis techniques. Everything that I have developed went out the window when I found J-Chart.

    I hope that this information is helpful in your quest for a trading platform. The only advice that I can give you is to not go with the herd. Everybody uses trendlines, and MA crosses, but when you backtest these things, the do not work. They appear to work for periods of time, but not consistently enough to make big money.
  5. Hey Reitberg, thanks for reading my message. I see that you are very helpful in pointing out software that doesn't fit my requirements. I definitely did not check out your links nor will I consider J Charts as a possible vendor.

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    These should work for you:


    Both under $40/mo.

  7. Thanks BSAM, I looked at prophet.net and played with the Java charts. Looks pretty good. Simple and intuitive. I'll check out nextrend too.

  8. I was only suggesting J-Chart to help people look into something else...if you are are trader making money, you should able to pay $90 per month to check out new software.

    Take it from a guy that has made automated systems for 3 years, only to dump them all to use J-Chart.

    There is a reason why MA crosses do not work, and why 90% of traders lose money.
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    I have bben using NeoTicker by Tickquest.
    It is an amazingly flexible program, resonably priced and wery well supported.

    My hats off to the NT team
  10. CQG is best. If you want a program that is very, very reliable, and easy to use this is it. However, it's one the more expensive platforms. Depending on what exchanges and add on services you get it starts around $500 and goes t0 $1000+. I have found nothing better and would highly recommend it to any professional who trades futures and is looking for a new charting system.
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