What chains carry Bismuth shot?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by LT701, Sep 25, 2006.

  1. LT701


    i want to blast some ducks and geese

    but i want to do so in an envirnomentally friendly way, that also isnt hard on my barrel

    (ducks because they are tasty, geese because i hate 'em)
  2. LT701


    found some

    2 bucks a shell - JEEZ!

    anyone ever eat a canada goose? they taste any good?

    i dont have the heart to blast anything i wont eat, but i'd sure love to blast a goose becuse they're so obnoxious

    i've got nothing agaist ducks, they're cute, but they are delicious
  3. Canada geese are obnoxious? Why?
    They crap on your car or something?

    I gather their very tasty, havent tried one but near as i can tell, basically any goose recipe should work.
    If you can cook a duck, (im presuming you prepare them yourself) then you should be able to deal with a goose.
    It all rests on whether you can cook, rather than whether the animal is intrinsically yummy or not, imo.

    I did see some great canada goose tips on a new zealand hunting forum, dont recall the site, but greybeardoutdoors should have similiar.

    I gather a lot of people really dislike the steel shot on geese, for obvious reasons, i guess you could compare them to turkey, you do need to be surprisingly close for a humane kill.

    I dont know-if you use an auto/pump 12g, or a ten guage i dont see a problem.

    What are you using? Must be ol' faithful not to be proofed for steel shot.
  4. Arnie


    I used to hunt duck and geese. Geese are very lean and somewhat gamey, but good if you fix them the right way. It's all dark meat btw. They are a bitch to clean, so sometimes we would just skin them. You can bake in oven with bacon stips laid across the breast, also good idea to stuff with fruit like apples, pears etc... I'm sure you can find some better recipies on the net. Good hunting.

    Btw, I hope you are hunting real WILD geese that have been feeding on grains and forage. You couldn't pay me to eat a domesticated goose (like around a golf course).
  5. you're really cool. you're an adult human being (i'm assuming) and you want to go around killing helpless animals for YOUR PATHETIC ENJOYMENT.

    if someone was hunting you, you'd be crying and whining like a little baby.

  6. LT701


    well, at least you're posting something besides 'why cant I trade'? for once

    good for you - keep it up
  7. LT701


    bismuth has the same knockdown power as lead, next to lead in the periodic table

    12 guage winchester model 12
  8. LT701


    serve him with a golf ball in his mouth

  9. yummi ducks, absolutely luv 'em; i eat every day a qt crispy duck with pancakes for dinner and...hmm...dellllicious.

    frankly i would shoot 'em down also if i were to eat the meat.
  10. LT701


    i had a bad out of town consulting gig where i was eating crispy duck all the time from the local chinese place

    practacly lived on it

    never put on weight so fast in my life, really was an effort to get it back off

    still love duck though...
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