What causes this to happen?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by joe92117, Jun 6, 2005.

  1. joe92117


    PURW gapped up about 100% this morning then as you can see on the chart, the price hardly fluctuated, considering the size of the gap. Todays range was only 10 cents or 2%.

    Did it just happen that the supply and demand were about equal? That doesn’t seem likely considering the size of the gap and 10x average volume.
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  3. maxpi


    When there is a buyout like that the price is usually in the news story. Sometimes the market takes a few minutes to run up to the new price becasue people are a little slow to react to the news and they have to price in some uncertainty like "what if the stockholders don't approve the deal". Sometimes there is no run up because the stock is halted for trading and reopened at the new price.
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    “Naturex to Buy Pure World in Cash Deal”

    Ohh ok…it makes sense now. I should have read the news first.