What causes the price to jump +/- >1 point on the DOM when there are offers in btwn?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by IronFist, Oct 14, 2008.

  1. I have never found the DOM to be good for anything other than placing orders.

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  2. What your seeing is the last trade... the market moves fast ;)
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  3. rofl, a genius a stick, what a question....
    the moron on the floor of the exchange, of course!

    they have the 3rd and 4th dimension that we as upstairs traders, as we are called by floor traders, do not have, namely:

    1) pit noise
    2) interaction from the environment
    3) visual queues (large quote boards, verbal messages from others, eyes on contact with other traders of size, etc.)

    one thing you can attempt to do is get pit noise from one of those broadcasters

    another thing you might possible do is add a T&S next to your dome and keep eyes on and see the pattern of volume, and most importantly, highlight block trades (note: you designate what size order quantity triggers the block alert)

    your objective in all this is to close the visual / perceptory gap and perhaps answer the issue at hand
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  4. Hey Iron Fist, I don't really know much about you, but from what I have seen, you really are busting your ass to learn this trading game. FWIW I respect that shit.
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  5. Is there a "rolling record" of trades (number of contracts at what price) actually executed on the Globex?

    Just curious... I don't think I have that, if available.. and don't see what value that would be..
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  6. Don’t frustrate yourself by watching these Doms. A lot of the bid and offers are fake.
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  7. If I place a limit order to buy 115 contracts at 1376.50, my order will be filled as follows, assuming that there were no market orders (or better limit orders) ahead of me at the moment:


    The last trade that you'll see in your trading platform is 5@1376.5

    The DOM will look like this:

               1377.75       xx
               1377.50       xx
               1377.25       xx
               1377.00       xx
               1376.75       xx
           (5) [b]1376.5[/b]
      5        1376.5
     xx        1376.25
     xx        1376.00
     xx        1375.75
     xx        1375.50
     xx        1375.25
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  8. isn't that what T&S (time and sales) are, since the feed is coming from (verify this with your broker) the Globex?
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