what caused the huge spike outta nowhere at 9:04am EST?

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  1. some news thing?
  2. 10:00 am there was ISM Mfg Index


    ISM Mfg Index
    Released on 9/1/2011 10:00:00 AM For Aug, 2011
    Prior Consensus Consensus Range Actual
    ISM Mfg Index - Level 50.9 48.5 47.0 to 51.9 50.6

    August didn't prove that bad of a month for the manufacturing sector based on ISM data which show what could be described as no worse than mixed results especially for order readings. The composite index edged only three tenths lower to a plus-50 reading of 50.6 that still indicates monthly expansion in general activity though at a very slow rate. The composite was held back by a slowing in employment and a slight monthly contraction in production. But order readings aren't alarming with new orders, up four tenths to 49.2, essentially showing no change from July which is very good news considering August's run of shocks. Backlogs extended three months of contraction but at a less aggressive rate while export orders continued to expand, though they did expand at a slowing rate.

    A plus in this report is an easing in input price pressure which will give manufacturers some breathing room in their production and hiring plans. The cut-off date for this report likely excluded the month-end shock of Hurricane Irene which does raise the risk that government data will show less resilience. The stock market is showing strength in reaction to today's data.

    Market Consensus Before Announcement
    The composite index from the ISM manufacturing survey in July eased to a disappointing 50.9 reading from a moderately healthy 55.3 figure for June. Although the July index is still above 50 to indicate monthly expansion in business conditions, it indicates only very marginal growth and is now at the slowest rate so far of the recovery. Forward momentum has stalled. New orders technically contracted in the month, coming in below breakeven at 49.3. However, new orders are volatile and this is the first sub-50 reading since June 2009. Backlog orders contracted more deeply, down four points to 45.0 for the lowest reading since April 2009. Factory managers are still hopeful about output growth as the employment index posted in positive territory 53.5 (indicating workforce gain).
    The Institute for Supply Management surveys more than 300 manufacturing firms on employment, production, new orders, supplier deliveries, and inventories. A composite diffusion index of national manufacturing conditions is constructed, where readings above (below) 50 percent indicate an expanding (contracting) factory sector. Export orders, import orders, backlog orders and prices paid for raw and unfinished materials are also measured, but these are not included in the overall index. Why Investors Care

    [Chart] The ISM manufacturing index (formerly known as the NAPM Survey) is constructed so that any level at 50 or above signifies growth in the manufacturing sector. A level above 43 or so, but below 50, indicates that the U.S. economy is still growing even though the manufacturing sector is contracting. Any level below 43 indicates that the economy is in recession.
    Data Source: Haver Analytics
  3. seems like the market discarded it pretty fast.

    HUGE SPIKE UP!!! Oh wait, just kidding, let's bring price back down to where it was before :D
  4. My neck hurts. The whiplash from the vultures waiting to sell that spike was fairly vicious. Like watching a piece of meat being torn apart by jackals. The H & S forming now is ominous looking. Scary ass volatility. The market is anticipating very bad news. I could be wrong but this rally is almost cooked......
  5. I was one of those who faded it, and I am not a vulture, nor am I a jackal.
  6. It was my nose cliking on the mouse accidently when i fell asleep.
  7. This one?

  8. the huge boner was caused by manipulating scum that ran every stop possible before sodomizing the market.

    does that answer your question?
  9. no,this one

    :D :D
  10. Tongue in cheek, my friend, tongue in cheek. It was like a fastball down the middle....
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