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  1. hi fellas
    I'm going to buy a new wheels. Wish to have an up market one, but don't know for sure what to choose... Can somebody advise me smth?
  2. Used, luxury SUV. :cool:
  3. I agree. A friend of mine just bought a 2005 BMW X5 with 33k miles for 25k, not bad.
  4. // AUDI R8 //
  5. Honda Accord V6 Coupe EX. Everyone who has a BMW or Audi regrets it eventually.
  6. what the heck is your budget, how much moolah are you making. This question is impossible answer without budget info.

    BMW 6 series
  7. bubba1


    A 2000 model SL600 Mercedes. Nifty V12 with hardtop and ragtop.

    A 1965 Austin Healey J8 Mark III -- truly a classic. Ragtop.

    A 1974 Jaguar XKE -- V12, stick shift, convertible/hardtop

    If you are interested, e-mail me for prices.
  8. Best car I've ever owned -- 1999 BMW 538i sportwagon with 5-speed manual transmission. Lovely driver. Utterly reliable.

  9. Flat-floor straight-six, please.
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    1974 Jaguar XKE Convertible
    The E-type Jaguar is the epitome of British craftsmanship, performance and beauty. It has long been held in high collector status with the likes of Ferraris and other marques many times more expensive. This is a tooth and nail restoration of an original low mileage car that was always meticulously maintained. Sporting a 12-cylinder, 272 HP engine and a 4-speed transmission, this car would easily go 145 MPH. Only 7,990 versions of the series 3 roadster were built."

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