What can you get for $1

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    do you think this is a scam?

    what can you get for $1 ????
    or should I put it the other way, what can he possibly offer me for $1 ?!?!?!?

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    A valuable lesson on how to not give dollars to strangers on the internet :).

    Now send $1 dollar to Happy Dude.
  3. I'm guessing you'll get the same level of expertise and quality that he put in to his web design, plus it sounds like he used the standard infomercial template: "I was a failure just like you...everybody I knew was a failure. So I applied myself every waking second and now I'm considered an expert...blah, blah, blah".

    Send him an email and tell him you'll put $1 in an escrow account until you've had a chance to review his work.
  4. If you click on the paypal link, it looks fairly legit, but you never know. It could be sending you to some bogus service that will just grab your paypal and/or credit card info.
    If you feel you need to send him $1, please do it by going directly to paypal rather than going through his link...
  5. I didn't think people still fell for those long annoying templates.

    I'm fairly decent with web design and devlopment. Maybe I should start something like that.

    The best will never share all their techniques. Even the pros here with all the comments and help they provide will not share all.

    What makes you think he is legitimate? If I started a site and slapped paypal on it does it make it legit?

  6. I have seen templates similar to this. Its a marketing ploy. He only asks for the $1 to weed out the lookie loos. See, once you send the $1, he will then market his real course to you which will cost slightly more (or alot more depending on if he only as 2 stages of selling) If its 3 stages it will go something like this. Pay $1 for the options information. Later he sells a course for $99 or $199 to you (and likely he will tell you that this course is normally $1,000 or more, but its a special one week only deal where you can get it for the $99-$199) Then after you get that course, he will have some hands on training that will run you a few thousand dollars. If its only 2 stages the 2nd stage of the course might be around $499, instead of $99. But you never know...these things always change.

    The info he will give you will probably be good info and make alot of sense, but for $1, he will only wet your appetite and then hard sell you on the "better" course.

    There is always a chance he is a scam artist too. He might give you the good info for the $1, then when your appetite is wet and you buy the more expensive course, he could just take your money and run. Maybe do something like tell you there is a seminar in 3 months at such & such a place in your city, then when the time comes, there is no such seminar.
  7. I have two domains registered that I was thinking of doing the same thing, but for $10.00 or $20.00. You write an E-Book and it's payable through PayPal. Writing an option E-book and trying to sell it is time well spent as compared to posting on ET.

    After seeing that site I might give mine a try.
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    has anyone bought it?

    I am not asking you to post any copyright material, just curious to know if it is worth it. If the info is about buy-low-sell-high-cut-your-loss-and-hold-your-profit, then I don't think it's worth fifty cents.
  9. Thanks, but you've already showed us how to edit a post from a buy to a sell.
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    when i was a kid they had a gauranted to kill flies gimmick for a buck (comic book ad),it was 2 pieces of wood, directions were to place board on table,place fly on board and slam other board on top of it,it was legit,i don't think the xray glasses were
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