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  1. I periodically look into alternative charting apps. I see that a lot of people seem to use Ninja. I understand that the platform is free if used purely for charting, but requires a license fee if used to trade.

    How exactly does that work? Can you run it off IB data and trade using the IB platform and it is free? Sounds like a good deal. Is historical backfill automatic or do you have to dick around with it?

    Are there security issues with using third party charting apps off broker data?
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    I use it to execute and don't pay. I did for a while but my broker gave me a free license key. The only difference is you have to manually enter your stops and targets and can't use the atm feature.

    For charting you would run your IB feed through it, email ninja and they will answer any tech questions. support@ninjatrader.com
  3. You can update the free NT charts using various brokers (IB, TDA, Mirus, etc). To trade through the ChartTrader and enter orders directly through the software (manual or automated), you need to pay for a license key (unless your broker provides one free).

    It depends on how complicated you want to get. The language is C#, but they have lots of free stuff on their forum done by users.

    NinjaTrader 7 overcomes a lot of limitations of their 6.5 version, but is still in open beta. No one would use it for HFT, but it depends what your requirements are.

    NT would allow as much backfill as IB permits, but IB will give "Pacing Violations" if you request too much data because they are stingy.
  4. btw, i noticed that PT multistation has recetly been made free for its main functionality (including trading) for an unlimited period. you need to subscribe if you want the auto-trading or multi-vendor functionality though...

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    for all the reading and searching I did one thing is obvious - you can use NinjaTrader with IB for free for charting . the question that bothers me - Why is this sofware the only one that is for free?
    It just doesn't make sense to me . Meanwhile other good charting sofware packages are starting from 100 $ + a month .
    Any informed opinions will be appreciated .
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    A lot of the competing charting applications do not have trading capabilities thus they charge you for the only functionality they can provide. NinjaTrader has full charting, analytics, system development and trading…we just charge you when you live trade. Our business model has been like this since our birth when we released an advanced order execution platform and provided a free simulator. Since then, we have evolved into a complete end to end trading platform while maintaining the original free use model.
  7. is there any way to daytrade equities intraday using ninjatrader? (simulated trading whilst i learn)
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    Absolutley, you can simulate stocks, futures or forex. You either need a brokerage account that can provide data for equities (IB, TD AMERITRADE or MB Trading) to NinjaTrader or a data feed source like www.kinetick.com.
  9. Iz id poshiball two youze NintraTraitor w End-uv-Day dada (tex fyles)?
  10. thanks

    Is it possible to do it without paying for a data feed? Even of it means getting delayed data?
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