What can we read from LME's option quote date?

Discussion in 'Options' started by yoyo2000, Nov 10, 2009.

  1. yoyo2000


    I'm learning how to read info from LME's option quote date,the example is below,but how to read?

    PS:I seem that each first wednesday of a month,the offcial option data coud be published,but I can't find where it is(the example is the quote data from SEMPRA),could any guys give a link,please?
  2. heech


    If you take the middle box/upper row... it's showing:

    Dec 09 underlying future is trading at $6492. I would guess 39% is the current implied volatility... numbers seem about right.

    Near ATM call/puts are shown from $6000 - $6800, with the current (settlement?) price for each. Delta for each is also shown.

    By the way, I've actually been growing interested in the LME copper options. But it's not easy finding info... I don't think even IB supports LME.

    May I ask:

    1) are you a retail investor?
    2) how did you get this quote data?
    3) how are you trading?

    Is the LME still trading via pits, or all electronic?