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  1. I have been seriously trying to learn for about a year now. I average about 1.5-2 million in buys a month. Today, I have made
    15 filled trades which is normal.

    I am ahead about 7 thousand but I could easily be under a few thousand.

    I am glad I haven't ruined my family's finances and I do know a lot more than when I started , but I wonder where is the most important areas I need to work on. I am not a real detail person. I do better if I am able to spot a repeated pattern or I am early on some news. I don't have the patience I should have. I am 55 so I don't know how much I can really change.

    Any useful suggestion please? Please , if you are going to tell me to shoot myself in the head or how dare I post with real traders , just pass.

    Thanks very much.

  2. C- kid

    C- kid

    come on man, get a grip

    Americans are drowning in debt and high oil prices

    and you are here to complain,

    you know compared to my predecessors I am rich beyond their wildest dreams

    but I never forget the plight of ordinary people with 500 - 2000 $ in their account

    PS: one year is NOT enough, it took me 4-5 years to become a master
  3. bespoke


    if you are not consistently profitable there is no reason you should be up or down a few thousand. if you want to take trading seriously it doesn't matter how much money you have, you should be trading the minimum. you can thank me in a year
  4. Bespoke-Thank you for an honest feedback that had info I could use.

    C-Kid I was afraid a childish chest thumping Kid like yourself would give me useless banter. Feel better? Good. I would appreciate not hearing from you again. What were you last time oil really ran up(cds were selling for 18%) 2 years old?
  5. That's what need right now from the U.S. Treasury: A 18% 30 Year Note.

    I am serious.

    Oil would fall to $50/barrel.
  6. I still remember seeing the CD's on the bank sign for %18. Do you think they actually paid anyone that for 30 years or is there a mechanism in place to pay investors off early who took the offer?
  7. C- kid

    C- kid

    you would BEG to learn from me if you knew my trading skills

    also, your entire account could not buy me

    and finally, I have a very good reason to be "chest thumping"

    I am younger than you and a whole lot better at this job


    I'm early 50's -- been full time for 12+ years. You just need to find some trading methodology that fits you and your personality (and patience level). I've done TA, story stocks, traded a few stocks over and over and done range trading. Currently I mostly trade stocks that I feel I know their intra-day range and support/resistance levels. I trade both ways (long/short). AMAT for example is one I often trade. It usually has decent intra-day movement and you can make $$ most every day once you "know" the stock.

    PS Ignore the drivel for some posters and I see you already identified one such person.
  9. C- kid

    C- kid

    man your age being envious

    that is not good :p
  10. jho


    Ughhh I have c-kid on ignore but accidentally visited ET without logging in first. Man c-kid you must have an extremely small wiener. Pathetic.

    Advice to the OP, like the others said, keep trading small and eventually size up when you feel comfortable. Keep doing what you are doing if it's consistent. Don't get mixed up in all the cool new indicators, keep it simple, like you are probably doing right now.
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