What can I trade that has decent volume from 22:00 PM EST 3:00AM EST

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  1. I like to trade before and after work. I trade the ES, NQ, YM and RTY in the AM.
    What can I trade that has decent volume from 22:00 PM EST to 3:00 AM EST


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  2. eurusdzn


    Check out the end of the morning mini Hang Seng session, 90 minute lunch , then the afternoon
    session. i recall that this contract moves more like CL or NQ, not ES with ok volume.
    Things get started over there at about 8PM. Est. so you would miss a good chunk if you can't trade till 2200(0200Z)
  3. dozu888


    Asia is all good... HSI, kospi, Aussie, Nikkei, taiwan.
  4. Unfortunately Tradovate does not offer the Hang Seng...damn

  5. Thanks! is it NKDU8 and M6AU8?


  6. John9999


    I do not think there is a whole lot... 24 hour trading just never really took off
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  7. Besides FOREX? Has the best volume if you are trading THEIR hours.
  8. dozu888


    in my previous life I did a little NK.. but Aussie is very technical and orderly... HSI is always interesting.
  9. If my Broker had HSI it would be on the top of my list after work..What do you trade now?


  10. I suggest you reconsider "FOREX".

    The Euro/Dollar (6E) and Yen/Dollar (6J) trend quite well at times during those hours.
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