What can i do with...

Discussion in 'Trading' started by trader963, Dec 23, 2002.

  1. $5 ..........in nickles
  2. KavMan


    Shove it up your a$$
  3. bobcathy1

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    Buy milk when you go back to junior high in January.:)
  4. qdz


    find a broker and make a decent trade.


    The destiny of a trader is trading.
  5. Play the slots.
  6. prox


    Hemp Seeds
  7. there used to be a TV show called "upright citizens brigade" on comedy central based on a live sketch comedy routine which, i think, is actually still touring the US...

    there was a skit on this show once where one guy carried $30 in pennies up his ass at all times...the point of this was to get revenge on people who annoyed him, like his boss...his rationale was that everyone had been handling pennies that had been up his ass, so anytime anyone annoyed him, he could always chuckle to himself because he knew that the coins that they held had once been up his ass...

    i'm not recommending this, but as I believe one other member told you to shove them up your ass, this might be a more positive way of looking at that comment...
  8. nkhoi


    ah..the weighty question of the moment! but...with proper training anything is possible, the chinese has training called the iron ball, very interesting.
  9. Register for a porn site... download all the pics and post them on your website and charge the $5 for the pics.
  10. buy a clue
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