What can be so hard about a vote?

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  1. How can there be "glitches"?

    How can there be delays and problems.

    I could sit there with a pad of paper and a pen and put hash marks as the people told me their vote, yet the computers can record them properly? What the hell. What can be so damn hard about it?
  2. No doubt Bush's fault.

    Fair question though. If the election came down to a few hundred votes in a couple of states, who could have any confidence in the result? In decades past when there was a broad consensus on most issues, it was not so crucial. Now when there are vast doctrinal differences, it has begun to matter way too much for the stability of the country. Maybe not this election, but within a decade I fully expect to see largescale rioting, tanks on street corners and possibly suspension of the Constitution after a contested election. Everything else in the country is turning into a banana republic, so it's only a matter of time.
  3. There was an article on CNN about it today. I just dont understand..its not a very difficult process. Checking a box and then counting them.
  4. More often then not it's human error. The electronic numbers not jiving with the number of voters recorded at the registrar table.

    If the machine shows 391 voters but only 340 people "signed in" then there's a problem.

    I don't say this to be a dick but in Chicago black precincts have inordinate bookkeeping problems....
  5. Here is an assertion : every single presidential election that the DEMs lost in the last 50 years was because stupid black people failed to register/ vote / have a photo ID on election day.

    The GOP makes the process hard so that it can naturally weed out those voters, I don't blame them. I'd do exactly the same.

    Chicago belong to the Daleys, I'll go as far as saying voting is unnecessary, in Chicago .

    EDIT : add to black people, Nader tree-huggers. as Obama says, never underestimate their ability to screw up
  6. Daley stole the 1960 election for Kennedy.....
  7. "The GOP makes the process hard" ???

    Voting is simple: you register to vote and go vote.

    In decades of voting in multiple states I've never been asked for ID, let alone photo ID.
  8. Recent trend
  9. Once again not being a dick but a realist. i.e. a seeker of truths.

    You know as well as anyone how many blacks are criminals. Compared to whites a 10x odds bet, eh? Well do you think that lack of civic morality abates on election day? Of course not. If you didn't double check ID's etc in black precincts you'd see OVER THE TOP fraud. As is it's bad enough.

    When you hear of whites or Republicans engaging in fraud it's more often then not typical leftist bullshit. Those who steal votes on the precinct level need a VESTED INTEREST in the outcome. That's usually a single class: government workers. Until I see a lot of corporate execs from HAL or General Dynamics working a polling place I'll contend there's not a hell of a lot of Republicans whose livelihood hinges on a Republican victory. An Obama win is worth BILLIONS maybe TRILLIONS to Democrat sponsors in America's big cities. A place like Chicago is littered with folks (MANY white) making 150k a year as "directors" of organizations funded for the "needy".....
  10. ACORN
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