What businesses do you think will come back strong after the lockdown is over?

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Amun Ra, Apr 4, 2020.

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    Go to Walmart and get a Wahl clipper set and cut your own hair or someone to cut it for you. You'll save money and time not going to the barber. The sets are $20 to $30.
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  2. My boys just got buzzcuts...lol
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    My wife gave me a buzzcut this week. First time i never used a barber in my life, they all closed at the moment, so no choice.

    Cant be good for barbers for the long term, the longer the lockdowns last the more people will get used to clipping at home.
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  4. TLRD. Load the boat with me and Michael Burry!
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  5. tommcginnis


    What businesses do you think will come back strong after the lockdown is over?

    What businesses do you think *won't*??

    There is nothing endogenous to the market/economy that started all of this, so little reason to think that a "shock", once lifted, will not see a timely return to previous status quo. But a caution! Back in the 70s, when Big Detroit got hammered by the oil embargo and lost market share to the Japanese imports, both underlying manufacturing AND the consuming American market, moved to smaller-lighter-sportier, more-reliable cars. Big Detroit never recovered that market share, and for that matter, OPEC (who forced this skyrocket of inelastic demand to respond via technology and market substitutes) NEVER had the stranglehold on 'Merican markets again. So..... two questions:
    • how long will the market have under these conditions?
    • what firms/technologies/markets will have had *time* to adjust to other consumption patterns?

    Me? I think this is too short-termed to amount to anything, thus far. And another two months? Meh. o_O
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  6. Overnight


    None of them will come back as strong. The Millennial age of innocence is over due to the damage to their psyche. Even after COVID is long gone, their memory imprints, like Pavlov's dog, will haunt them for a decade.

    We're fucked, dude. Even after the virus is gone, people will be walking around in masks. They will no longer shake hands. New memes will pop up about how to avoid social contact in the "post-Virus" era. Social distancing will be the new normal when it is not necessary, because they were prepped for this for years by being told that even though they were delicate, they were still number 1 and deserved a medal. For being a loser.

    And wait until the anti-vaxxers come back onto the scene. Holy cow, that is going to be a real shit-show.

    At least in the 1980s, people didn't have abject fear. They were used to it from the Cold War. They had guts. These days? All Snowflakes have had is coddling and told that they were not losers. But this virus has shattered that dream, and they are going to take it WAYYYY past the level of fear that would be considered normal. We're doomed.

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  8. Overnight


    The video ends in a nuclear fallout shelter. Brilliant!
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  9. Amun Ra

    Amun Ra

    Like all societies, people will use social proof to determine what they do after this is over. If the media focuses on crowded businesses like barbershops with employees happy to be working and holding fist fulls of cash, people will be excited to go out again. If the media focuses on empty streets and tells everyone that "people are still scared to go out" then everyones going to want to stay home.
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  10. Overnight


    Well shit, remember the videos of those dumbasses all crowding Clearwater Beach in Florida last week for spring break? Those assholes were slow on the uptake to stay the hell away. So the societal proof was there for people to not do it, but they did it anyway.

    Lagtime. So now, by the time the all clear is sounded, these jamokes will be another month slow on the uptake that the world is safe again. GIGO
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