What Bush-II wants....

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    The fact is you have had an idiot frat boy in charge for 10 years.
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  2. That pretty much sums it up.
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  3. The above post just reeks of conspiracy. Doesn't show the least bit of evidence that Bush policies have anything to do with any of it. BUSH IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR OIL PRICES. The international market is. By your reasoning, since his family is involved with oil and defense, he HAS to be corrupt. Show me some evidence.

    The economy is not crap because of Bush. First of all, its cyclical, and way over due for a correction. Secondly, it is really crap due to the housing bubble going pop, and the dollar creating inflation. Both of which are due to the FED. It would have happened even if the budget deficit was smaller. BTW, the economy did very well for much of Bush's term. Of course you guys would never say Bush had anything to do with that.

    BTW, I am not a Bush fan, don't watch FOX anymore than MSNBC which is way left, or am even republican. I just feel this thread is dead wrong. I think Bush sucks, but has little or nothing to do with what he is accused of here.
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  4. 10 years?

    Idiocy I will agree with.
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  5. The president has influence over the fed.

    One of the reasons the fed kept rates low was to make the president happy.
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  6. hmm,

    former cheerleader

    former missing air national guard,

    former (failed) pilot

    former "C-" student

    wonder what frat took his application?
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  7. The FED's mandate is steady growth with moderate inflation. They would do the same no matter who was president. That is why they never fire a FED boss no matter how much he fucks up. Has to be free to do as he wishes to balance growth and inflation, without any political influence. Volker completely tanked the economy under Reagan to get inflation under control. ya think Reagan liked that?

    Inflation is now a concern so the FED will not lower again, unless this is no longer the case. If the markets tank tomorrow, I guarantee you the FED will not lower rates again. In fact, many people think they will start raising during the next meeting June 25th. Bush definitely wouldn't want that.

    I personally think they will stand pat as the economy is on the precipice, and inflation hasn't imploded yet (by FED standards).
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    Skull & Bones (Daddy factor)
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  9. Democrats shut down exploration and new drilling in America 25 years ago.

    China will be drilling off the coast of Cuba, 60 miles from Florida. Why are we not doing the drilling?? Because, tree huggers won't let us.

    Dont' you think its silly to allow China, a country that is probably the most poluted country on Earth behind Russia, drill for Oil so close to our shore?? Do you think they give a shit about a few oil spills??

    Bush has veto power but he can't veto a bill that never gets to his desk.

    You reallly want to blame Bush for 25 years of inaction on increasing our energy reserves??

    Pretty silly.
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  10. China is more polluted than Russia. 30% of the mighty Yangtze is sterile. Its growth at any cost there. They don't care.
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