what browser can be set to be always on top?

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  1. Which internet browser can be set to be always on top? I am using esignal and briefing's service. I need to keep the browser always on top of the esignal window so that when I click and drag mouse on esignal's advanced chart, the brower can still be visible. Anyone has idea about which browser has such feature? Thanks.

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  2. That winpin is very cute (and low resource usage). I attach so you wont have to go through the registration process thats there to reduce their download load (really?)
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  4. Its my understanding that some people using tradestation are having problems using the Winpin program. If you are, try WinPins. Similiar name, different program.

    If you install it and open it. There will be a small push pin icon in the bottom right icon tray on your screen. Right click it, and select Get One Pin. A little push pin with a blue tab will appear on the screen. Drag the pin to whichever window you want pinned, and left click the pin. This window is now pinned, and the pin and tab have relocated to the top of the pinned window. The pin now appears to be pushed into the screen like it would on a cork board. To unpin the window either click on the pin again, or right click on the pin icon in the tray and select Remove all Pins.
  5. O.K., I have done a little more research on the subject, and I found a cool program called TweakWindow. It works on Win2000 and XP. Unlike WinPin and WinPins mentioned above, TweakWindow will actually pin my trading platform (Transact) to be always on top. Neither of the other two would do that. They would pin browser windows and programs like Excel, but had no effect on the trading platform.

    What's also neat about TweakWindow is that you can also have a window with adjustable shades of transparency. You can pin a window to be always on top and at the same time be able to see through it to a running program below it.

    There is a 15 day trial after which you will need to register and obtain a license. The license fee is $21.00